Batchsync V12 - What's new

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.5

  • Automate workflows with Batch NEW

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    • Automate multi-step business processes and workflows
    • Pre-process files before sending
    • Post-process files after receiving
    • Run set of sync tasks in sequence, and run the whole set on schedule
    • Control how errors are handled in the workflow
    • Capture all run results and messages in audit trail
  • End to end encryption NEW

    • Compress and protect your data before sending to the cloud and remote servers with 256-bit AES encryption
    • Keep your business data secure when doing offsite backups
    • Create end-to-end encrypted data exchange processes
    • Use SecureZip and SecureUnzip commands to handle compression and protection
  • Automate with Powershell and VBScript NEW

    • Use Powershell and VBScript to extend robot features, and run them controlled as part of the workflow
    • Use RunPowershellScript command to run powershell scripts and control error handling
    • Use RunVBScript command to run VBScripts with error handling
    • Automate Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint document creation, processing, and format conversions
    • Automate Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator document creation, modifications and format conversions
    • Scripts can query and modify databases, update active directory entries, pre/post process files ...
    • Scripts are run under strict robot control, with full audit trail
  • Use external command line utilities NEW

    • Automate any Windows and 3rd party command line software available, with full audit trail
    • Command line utilities are run under as part of the workflow, with full robotic control
    • Control Azure, create and manage virtual machines with free official Microsoft Az command
    • Exchange data with Microsoft Azure Storage with free official Microsoft AzCopy command
    • Control Amazon AWS, and transfer files to Amazon S3 with free official Amazon AWS CLI
    • Control and transfer files to Google Cloud Platform with free official Google Cloud SDK
    • Query, modify and backup databases with SQLServer, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, DB2, any other DB command line tools
    • Run Linux command line software, with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)
    • If any of the command lines processes fail, robot records errors to the audit trail, and notifies you about error
  • Extend robot features with every development tool available NEW

    • Powerful RunCmdLine command allows you extend robot fuctionality with every development tool available on this planet
    • Run Node.js scripts
    • Run Python scripts
    • Run Java programs
    • Run C# programs
    • Run any program created with any programming language available, as long as there is a command line interface (CLI) available.
    • Scripts and programs are run under robot control and error handling, with full audit trail
  • Tasks saved as 256-bit AES encrypted on disk NEW

    • All batches and sync tasks are secured with 256-bit AES encrypted when saved on disk
    • Older version sync tasks are automatically converted to the encrypted format, when they are next time edited and saved
    • This change is fully transparent to you as a user, everything is handled automatically
  • Global email notification settings NEW

    • Save default email notification settings in software options, so you need to enter them only once
    • You can reuse default email settings in tasks, so you no longer need to re-enter the settings for each task separately

Batchsync V12 is fully compatible with Windows Server 2019

  • NEW We have completed our 90-day compatibility tests with Batchsync V12 on Windows Server 2019. The test performed file backups, transfers, moves, and syncs between local, network share, linux SMB share, NAS, FTP, FTP/S and SSH/SFTP folders. Test results look like this:

    • Total run time: 90 days
    • Total tasks run: 2.7 million tasks
    • Total files transferred: 900 million files
    • Total data transferred: 540 terabytes
    • Result: 100% successful

  • NEW We ran similar 90-day test on Microsoft Azure, running Batchsync V12 on Windows Server 2019: 100% successful
  • NEW Batchsync V12 is fully compatible with Windows Server 2019 running on premises, and on cloud.
  • NEW Batchsync V12 is fully compatible with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and other cloud providers.
  • NEW Batchsync V12 can run on any cloud server, on Windows.

How to use Batchsync?

See examples of how our customers use Batchsync for automating their mission critical processes and workflows.

  • Case #1 - Create and upload encrypted off-site backups every hour
  • Case #2 - Download latest Bloomsberg® Professional Services trading and market data every minute
  • Case #3 - Create end-to-end encrypted file link between NY and Singapore. Exchange big data 24/365.
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