Automate multi-step processes


Automate file transfer related multi-step processes with Batches. Batches allow you to group and run multiple file transfer tasks as single unit with scheduling, email notifications and full audit trail.

Pre/Post-process files

Pre-process files before uploading, and post-process them after downloading.

Run in sequence

Run set of file transfer tasks in sequence, and run the whole set on schedule.

End to end encryption

Zip and protect your files with 256-bit AES encryption before sending them to the cloud and remote servers. And Unzip them after downloading. Batchsync includes built-it support for zipping and unzipping files with encryption.

Automate with Powershell

Call Powershell scripts and run them as controlled part of the workflow. Use return values to communicate success and failure from scripts.

Automate with VBScript

Call VBScript commands as part of the workflow. Use return values to communicate success and failure from scripts.

Automate with Command line utilities

Use any Windows command or command line utility as part of the workflow. Batchsync detects success of each command by its return value.


Single step through Batch commands when creating workflows. Output of each command is shown on Batch editing window.

Audit trail

All Batch commands and output is captured and recorded to the audit trail.

Email notifications

Get notified via email on Batch results.

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Schedule, Audit trail, and Email notifications

Run file transfers on schedule and record full audit trail for all file transfers. Receive email notifications on task failure/success.

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Managed file transfer

Automate file transfers over Internet, using SFTP, FTP/S, and FTP protocols. You can also automate file transfers between local and network share folders.

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Customer examples

See examples of how our customers use Batchsync for automating their mission critical file transfers and workflows.

  • Case #1 - Create and upload encrypted off-site backups every hour
  • Case #2 - Download latest Bloomsberg® Professional Services trading and market data every minute
  • Case #3 - Create end-to-end encrypted file link between NY and Singapore. Exchange big data 24/365.
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