Batchsync - What's new

With Batchsync subscription you benefit from all new development and features: You can any time update your Batchsync software to the latest release. Find the current version number you are running in the About window. The upgrade process is simple: Download and install new version over existing one. All upgrade steps are done automatically. We highly recommend a reboot after upgrade.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.7.0

Release date: 3/21/2022

  • NEW Full support for OpenSSH 8.8 server.
  • NEW Support for RSA/SHA-256/512 signatures.

    OpenSSH 8.8 release disables RSA signatures using the SHA-1 hash algorithm. Batchsync now supports RSA/SHA-256/512 signatures, so your existing RSA public/private key pairs used for login authentication still work and will automatically use the stronger algorithm.

  • NEW Support for Ed25519 host key type

    Batchsync adds support for Ed25519 server host keys. It also supports ECDSA host keys and these both can be used instead of RSA host keys. OpenSSH 8.8 server installer will automatically creates Ed25519 and ECDSA host keys, so connections to OpenSSH 8.8 server works without any further adjustments.

  • NEW New Ciphers:

    • Added support for AES with Galois/Counter Mode (AES-GCM), known as and
    • Added support for

  • NEW Uses latest OpenSSL libraries.
  • NEW Added support TLS/1.3 for sending notification emails. Batchsync automatically uses TLS/1.3, 1.2, 1.1 or SSL when connecting to SMTP server for sending emails securely.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.6.1

  • NEW Batchsync V12 is fully compatible with Windows Server 2022.
  • We have completed 30-day compatibility test runs with Batchsync V12 on Windows Server 2022. These tests included file transfers, backups, moves, and syncs between local, network share, linux SMB share, NAS, FTP, FTP/S and SSH/SFTP folders. Test results look like this:

    • Total run time: 30 days
    • Total tasks run: 1.2 million tasks
    • Total files transferred: 380 million files
    • Total data transferred: 210 terabytes
    • Result: 100% successful

  • We completed similar 30-day test on Microsoft Azure, running Batchsync V12 on Windows Server 2022, 100% successfully.

  • NEW Batchsync V12 is fully compatible with Windows 11.
  • We also completed similar test runs with Batchsync V12 on Windows 11. All tests were 100% successful.

  • FIXED Fixes date filtering issues on two-way sync tasks.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.6.0

  • NEW New look for Batchsync Console main screen, buttons, Task list, and Completed panes.
  • NEW Schedule tasks with freely selectable intervals (like every 3 mins, 8 mins, 12 mins) in addition to presets (1 mins, 5 mins, 10 mins, 20 mins, etc.).
  • IMPROVED Uses latest OpenSSL libraries.
  • IMPROVED Download package is now signed and protected with Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate.
  • IMPROVED HighDPI screen optimizations.
  • FIXED Fixes ghost lines when resing columns on some HighDPI screens.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.5.5

  • FIXED Tasks using global email settings were not always using edited global email settings, after global settings were modified.
  • FIXED Local to local transfers leaving extra chars on target with certain files. Thanks Pragatheswari (USA), it was great working with you.
  • FIXED Trying to maximize fixed size Edit Task window by double-clicking window caption shows an error.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.5.4

  • FIXED Task report log rotation fails for certain tasks. Important fix for version 12.5.3. Only this version is affected.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.5.3

  • IMPROVED In this release we focused on improving user interface speed and usability. We have optimized software handling of tens and hundreds of scheduled tasks, and improved user interface to minimize delays throughout the software. You can run hundreds of scheduled tasks with ease.
  • IMPROVED Improved handling of very high load logging.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.5.2

  • IMPROVED Uses latest OpenSSL libraries, that fixes multiple vulnerabilities. Please read more about OpenSSL vulnerabilities here:
  • Fixed: Downloading multigigabyte file sets in SFTP with ASCII mode. Thanks Tracy (USA), it was great working with you.
  • Fixed: Changing Local-Local sync task to Local-Remote sync task. Thanks Patrick (USA) for helping us solving this issue.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.5.1

  • NEW New HIDE keyword. There is often a need to pass password or other sensitive information on command line or as argument to the command. With HIDE keyword, you can hide this information, so that it is never shown on screen, nor written to the audit trail or other logs.
  • NOTE: All tasks, and all commands and passwords within them, are ALWAYS stored as 256-bit AES encrypted on disk!

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.5

  • Automate business processes with Batch NEW

    • Automate multi-step workflows with total control
    • Pre-process files before sending
    • Post-process files after receiving
    • Run set of sync tasks in sequence, and run the whole set on schedule
    • Control how errors are handled in the workflow
    • Capture all run results and messages in audit trail
  • End to end encryption NEW

    • Compress and protect your data before sending to the cloud and remote servers with 256-bit AES encryption
    • Keep your business data secure when doing offsite backups
    • Create end-to-end encrypted data exchange processes
    • Use SecureZip and SecureUnzip commands to handle compression and protection
  • Automate with Powershell and VBScript NEW

    • Use Powershell and VBScript to extend system features, and run them controlled as part of the workflow
    • Use RunPowershellScript command to run powershell scripts and control error handling
    • Use RunVBScript command to run VBScripts with error handling
    • Automate Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint document creation, processing, and format conversions
    • Automate Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator document creation, modifications and format conversions
    • Scripts can query and modify databases, update active directory entries, pre/post process files ...
    • Scripts are run under strict system control, with full audit trail
  • Use external command line utilities NEW

    • Automate any Windows and 3rd party command line software available, with full audit trail
    • Command line utilities are run under as part of the workflow, with full system control
    • Control Azure, create and manage virtual machines with free official Microsoft Az command
    • Exchange data with Microsoft Azure Storage with free official Microsoft AzCopy command
    • Control Amazon AWS, and transfer files to Amazon S3 with free official Amazon AWS CLI
    • Control and transfer files to Google Cloud Platform with free official Google Cloud SDK
    • Query, modify and backup databases with SQLServer, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, DB2, any other DB command line tools
    • Run Linux command line software, with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)
    • If any of the command lines processes fail, system records errors to the audit trail, and notifies you about error
  • Extend system features with every development tool available NEW

    • Powerful RunCmdLine command allows you extend system fuctionality with every development tool available on this planet
    • Run Node.js scripts
    • Run Python scripts
    • Run Java programs
    • Run C# programs
    • Run any program created with any programming language available, as long as there is a command line interface (CLI) available.
    • Scripts and programs are run under system control and error handling, with full audit trail
  • Tasks saved as 256-bit AES encrypted on disk NEW

    • All batches and sync tasks are secured with 256-bit AES encrypted when saved on disk
    • Older version sync tasks are automatically converted to the encrypted format, when they are next time edited and saved
    • This change is fully transparent to you as a user, everything is handled automatically
  • Global email notification settings NEW

    • Save default email notification settings in software options, so you need to enter them only once
    • You can reuse default email settings in tasks, so you no longer need to re-enter the settings for each task separately

Batchsync V12 is fully compatible with Windows Server 2019

  • NEW We have completed our 90-day compatibility tests with Batchsync V12 on Windows Server 2019. The test performed file backups, transfers, moves, and syncs between local, network share, linux SMB share, NAS, FTP, FTP/S and SSH/SFTP folders. Test results look like this:

    • Total run time: 90 days
    • Total tasks run: 2.7 million tasks
    • Total files transferred: 900 million files
    • Total data transferred: 540 terabytes
    • Result: 100% successful

  • We ran similar 90-day test on Microsoft Azure, running Batchsync V12 on Windows Server 2019. Results are also similar, 100% successful.
  • NEW Batchsync V12 is fully compatible with Windows Server 2019 running on premises, and on Microsoft Azure, and other cloud providers.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.25

  • IMPROVED On local to local transfers, Batchsync removes read-only attribute on target file (if read-only attribute is set), to allow copy to overwrite file.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.24

  • IMPROVED Installer software improvements.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.23

  • IMPROVED Flat UI design on all software windows and dialogs. Consistent look on all various Windows versions.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.22

  • NEW Local to local syncs. After numerous requests by customers, we have added possibility to automate file transfers between local and network share folders, portable drives, USB memory sticks, NAS storage, and linux SMB shares. So now you can set up local backups, syncs, copies and moves on your local network, using the same extremely reliable transfer engine, that has powered Batchsync remote file movement since day one.
  • NEW Local to local syncs have all the same filtering, email notification and scheduling features as remote transfer tasks.
  • NEW You can access local to local transfers in updated Task Wizard, and Edit Task windows.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.21

  • IMPROVED We originally designed Batchsync V12 for Full HD (1920x1080) resolution or higher. Now we have learned that lower resolution screens are still surprisingly widely used among our customers, and therefore have redesigned software to work better on those lower resolution screens.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.20

  • IMPROVED UI improvements in Edit Task, Edit Server, Select Remote Folder, and Edit Options windows.
  • IMPROVED UI improvements in popup notifications. You can select popup notification options in Main > Options > Messages-tab > Show notification popup message

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.19

  • IMPROVED UI improvements in the Main window.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.18

  • Fixed: Very rare problem, where in two-way sync w/ propagated deletions, if file was downloaded successfully, but local timestamp setting failed after multiple retries because OS kept file locked, remote file was not properly downloaded again. Thanks Mike (UK) for letting us know about this issue.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.17

  • Fixed: On some non-english systems, Running now - list did not properly show running tasks and tasks list didn't update next/previous scheduled run times, even tasks were run on proper schedule successfully.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.16

  • NEW Select remote folder-window in Edit Task, making remote source/target folder selection easier. Also used for selecting archive-folder for the task.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.15

  • Fixed: Archive after transfer failed on some systems, when source and archive folder were on different volumes. Thanks Tim (USA) for helping us solving this issue.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.14

  • Fixed: When manually adding multiple triggers for task in Task Scheduler, show "Multiple schedules" and Previous & Next run times in main window task list. Thanks Jacob (Danmark) for helping us solving this issue.
  • Fixed: When updating to new release (=install it on top of old version), keeps all global settings intact.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.13

  • Fixed: Incorrect screen element colors on some Windows Server 2008 & R2 installations.
  • Fixed: Scheduling failed on some systems with "Task not started" status.
  • Fixed: Scheduling failed on some systems running on non-English Windows locale settings. Is now language and locale independent. Thanks Michele (Italy) for helping us solving this issue.
  • Fixed: Scheduling failed if username had spaces in it.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.11

  • IMPROVED Edit task window UI changes.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.10

  • NEW New company name Maxlevel Inc and web site. We say goodbye to our 20-year old company name Sitedesigner Technologies Inc. and web site. Our new company name Maxlevel Inc, tells everything about us and Batchsync: You get maximum performance and reliability in automated file transfers. Non-stop.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.9

  • NEW New dashboard. Dashboard shows you statistics about your daily transfers, like number of tasks run, number of files transferred and total data moved. You can browse stats for each day by clicking arrows next to the calendar display.
  • NEW New Now running-view. Real-time view of currently running tasks.
  • NEW Switch between task- and dashboard-view with buttons on the top left of command bar.
  • NEW System mileage. Top of the main window shows you all time statistics of file transfers since its installation.
  • V4 and V2 - subscriptions are now available only with volume licensing.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.8

  • IMPROVED About window is combined with startup window. New startup window look with more information about subscription.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.7

  • IMPROVED Small changes to installer and defaul install directory is now \Batchsync, it was \Batchsync V12

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.6

  • NEW New task list on the main window, that combines task data with scheduling info. Displays current status of the task with Running/Ready, previous run time and next run time.
  • NEW New filtering feature for the task list
  • Removed icons for tasks in Edit task-window, that are no longer needed with new task list.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.4

  • NEW Schedule task manually - feature added to Task Edit window.
  • IMPROVED Improvements and fixes in the help file.
  • IMPROVED UI changes to Task Edit-window.
  • Fixed: Bug: Windows login username and password were not properly encrypted when stored to the task file. Now they are stored with 256-bit AES encrypted.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.3

  • IMPROVED Subscription handling improved.
  • IMPROVED Improved handling of multi-threaded transfers, increased stack space for each thread.

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.1 and 12.0.2

  • IMPROVED Small installer and UI changes
  • IMPROVED New about window

Batchsync V12 - Version 12.0.0

Release date: 6/1/2018

  • NEW Batchsync V12 is released. Batchsync V12 is the most important upgrade since our software was first time released 12 years ago, in 2006. We have combined all previous Batchsync and InstantSync versions into a one: the best automated file transfer software available anywhere, for any operating system, and for any price. Batchsync runs unattended 24/365, non-stop.


Over 12 years, and 280+ versions and releases of Batchsync


2006 - First version of Batchsync released


1999 - First version of 3D-FTP released

  • 3D-FTP was one of the first multi-threaded FTP clients available. It supported skins, a very popular UI concept of its time, and provided extremely fast file transfers. The MultiWire transfer engine of 3D-FTP later evolved into a one that we used for Batchsync when it was released in 2006. And today, over 20 years since first release, and many generations later, the same MultiWire transfer engine still powers Batchsync V12. Refined by hundreds of releases, thousands fixes and improvements, it has evolved into a rock-solid file transfer solution.

    Batchsync V12 transfers over billion files every day. Running in 110+ countries. 24/365. Non-stop.

3D-FTP : This is how it all started in 1999

(screenshot from 2002)