Batchsync version history

With Batchsync subscription you benefit from all new development and features: You can any time update your Batchsync software to the latest release. Find the current version number you are running in the About window. The upgrade process is simple: Download and install new version over existing one. All upgrade steps are done automatically.

11/21/2018 - Version 12.0.21

  • Improved: We originally designed Batchsync V12 for Full HD (1920x1080) resolution or higher. Now we have learned that lower resolution screens are still surprisingly widely used among our customers, and therefore have redesigned software to work better also on those older screens.

11/16/2018 - Version 12.0.20

  • New: UI improvements in Edit Task, Edit Server, Select Remote Folder, and Edit Options windows.
  • New: UI improvements in popup notifications. You can select popup notification options in Main > Options > Messages-tab > Show notification popup message

11/12/2018 - Version 12.0.19

  • New: UI improvements in the Main window.

11/5/2018 - Version 12.0.18

  • Fixed: Very rare problem, where in two-way sync w/ propagated deletions, if file was downloaded successfully, but local timestamp setting failed after multiple retries because OS kept file locked, remote file was not properly downloaded again. Thanks Mike (UK) for letting us know about this issue.

10/30/2018 - Version 12.0.17

  • Fixed: On some non-english systems, Running now - list did not properly show running tasks and tasks list didn't update next/previous scheduled run times, even tasks were run on proper schedule successfully.

10/29/2018 - Version 12.0.16

  • New: Select remote folder-window in Edit Task, making remote source/target folder selection easier. Also used for selecting archive-folder for the task.

10/19/2018 - Version 12.0.15

  • Fixed: Archive after transfer failed on some systems, when source and archive folder were on different volumes. Thanks Tim (USA) for helping us solving this issue.

10/12/2018 - Version 12.0.14

  • Fixed: When manually adding multiple triggers for task in Task Scheduler, show "Multiple schedules" and Previous & Next run times in main window task list. Thanks Jacob (Danmark) for helping us solving this issue.
  • Fixed: When updating to new release (=install it on top of old version), keeps all global settings intact.

10/10/2018 - Version 12.0.13

  • Fixed: Incorrect screen element colors on some Windows Server 2008 & R2 installations.
  • Fixed: Scheduling failed on some systems with "Task not started" status.
  • Fixed: Scheduling failed on some systems running on non-English Windows locale settings. Is now language and locale independent. Thanks Michele (Italy) for helping us solving this issue.
  • Fixed: Scheduling failed if username had spaces in it.

9/25/2018 - Version 12.0.11

  • Edit task window UI changes.

9/21/2018 - Version 12.0.10

  • New company name Maxlevel Inc and web site. We say goodbye to our 20-year old company name Sitedesigner Technologies Inc. and web site. Our new company name Maxlevel Inc, tells everything about us and Batchsync: You get maximum performance and reliability in automated file transfers. Non-stop.

9/6/2018 - Version 12.0.9

  • New dashboard. Dashboard shows you statistics about your daily transfers, like number of tasks run, number of files transferred and total data moved. You can browse stats for each day by clicking arrows next to the calendar display.
  • New Now running-view. Real-time view of currently running tasks.
  • Switch between task- and dashboard-view with buttons on the top left of command bar.
  • Robot mileage. Top of the main window shows you all time statistics of robot file transfers since its installation.
  • V4 and V2 - subscriptions are now available only with volume licensing.

9/5/2018 - Version 12.0.8

  • About window is combined with startup window. New startup window look with more information about subscription.

7/13/2018 - Version 12.0.7

  • Small changes to installer and defaul install directory is now \Batchsync, it was \Batchsync V12

7/12/2018 - Version 12.0.6

  • New task list on the main window, that combines task data with scheduling info. Displays current status of the task with Running/Ready, previous run time and next run time.
  • Removes icons for tasks in Edit task-window, that are no longer needed with new task list.
  • New filtering feature for the task list

6/19/2018 - Version 12.0.4

  • Schedule task manually - feature added to Task Edit window.
  • Fixed: Bug: Windows login username and password were not properly encrypted when stored to the task file. Now they are stored with 256-bit AES encrypted.
  • Improvements and fixes in the help file.
  • UI changes to Task Edit-window.

6/4/2018 - Version 12.0.3

  • Subscription handling improved.
  • Improved handling of multi-threaded transfers, increased stack space for each thread.

6/3/2018 - Version 12.0.1 and 12.0.2

  • Small installer and UI changes
  • New about window

6/1/2018 - Version 12.0.0

  • New Batchsync V12 is released. Batchsync V12 is the most important upgrade since our software was first time released 12 years ago, in 2006. We have combined all previous Batchsync and InstantSync versions into a one: the best automated file transfer software available anywhere, for any operating system, and for any price. As Batchsync runs unattended 24/365, non-stop, we call it Managed File Transfer Robot.


Over 12 years, and 280+ versions and releases of Batchsync


2006 - First version of Batchsync released


1999 - First version of 3D-FTP released

  • 3D-FTP was one of the first multi-threaded FTP clients available. It supported skins, a very popular UI concept of its time, and provided extremely fast file transfers. The MultiWire transfer engine of 3D-FTP later evolved into a one that we used for Batchsync when it was released in 2006. And today, almost 20 years since its first release, and many generations later, the same MultiWire transfer engine still powers Batchsync V12. Refined by hundreds of releases, thousands fixes and improvements, it has evolved into a rock-solid file transfer component. Transferring billions files every month. 24/365. Non-stop.

3D-FTP : This is how it all started in 1999

(screenshot from 2002)