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Batchsync V12 Subscription

Batchsync subscription is a rock-solid Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution. Package contains everything you need to automate your data exchange on a schedule, 24/365, non-stop.

Subscription package includes following:

BatchSync V12

Two Batchsync V12 licenses

  • 1 License for production server
  • 1 License for development / testing server

Install Batchsync on two (2) separate computers. This allows you to develop and test all your file transfer tasks on a separate server without affecting production server operation. And then copy ready-to-use tasks from testing to production server when needed. This ensures non-stop production.


Keep your Batchsync software always up-to-date with free upgrades. Benefit from new software features and security fixes as they are released.

Technical support

Be prepared when something unexpected happens with your transfers with always available technical support. All our technical support is handled by in-house support personnel, with extensive experience with file transfer automation.

Unlimited transfers

  • Number of transfer tasks: UNLIMITED
  • Number of files: UNLIMITED
  • Gigabytes of data: UNLIMITED
  • Transfer speed (Mbps): UNLIMITED

Extremely fast speed

Accelerate your file transfers with 12 parallel transfer streams. So you get up to 12x faster transfers than with other MFT solutions.

Rock-solid reliability

Automate your mission critical file transfers with rock-solid reliability, proven by 12 years of production on thousands servers. Every month, Batchsync transfers billions of files in 110+ countries.


$99 / month

Subscribe Monthly

Billed once per month.

$990 / year

Subscribe Annually

Billed once per year.


Batchsync is a rock-solid software, that runs day after day for years, without any maintenance or tuning. But world changes at increasing rate, new vulnerabilities are found, Windows is updated constantly - You see new challenges every day.

Our answer to those challenges is Batchsync V12 subscription: Everything you need to stay protected, and keep your mission critial data exchange running. So there is at least one thing you don't need to worry about: Your file transfers. Batchsync V12 keeps them running. 24/365. Non-stop. 12-years in production, and counting...

Other licensing options

When you need to automate file transfers on tens, hundreds, or even thousands computers, we got other licensing options available. For example, one of our customer has automated data exchange for over 500 Windows laptops on the field using Batchsync. They transfer big media files from laptops to SSH server, and download price catalogs from the server automatically every 10 minutes. If you have similar needs, please contact us. We will get you an offer for rock-solid MFT solution built with Batchsync V12 with competitive prices.


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