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Why are you uninstalling?

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I plan on reinstalling soon (e.g., changing computer, upgrading)
Installer does not work: when trying to run BatchSync for the first time, it failed or crashed
It crashes too often when running sync tasks
It cannot connect to my server
It is too expensive
It is too difficult to use: for instance, like I cannot create my first sync task, or a sync task does not work the way I want
I cannot figure out how to schedule a sync task, I need scheduling
I don't want to use separate Windows Task Scheduler, I want an integrated sync task scheduler
I need folder monitoring, where a sync task is executed in real-time, when files or folders are added/changed/removed
I need a fully integrated solution, including a server, not just a client
I need more task actions than sync, like copy, move, and rename files or folders
I need local -> local sync feature, not just local -> ftp/ftps/sftp server
I need capability to run multiple sync tasks in a sequence
Include/Exclude filtering does not work the way I want
It's missing some features that I need (please provide detail in the box below)
Other (please provide more details in the text box below)

Please provide any additional detail on your reason for uninstalling:

How can we improve our software?

Please share your ideas, suggestions, or details about any issues below.