Simple steps to upgrade

Upgrade process to Batchsync V12 is simple and mostly automatic. Here are the steps for upgrading.

Backup your existing tasks

Before you start with upgrade, create backup copies of your existing tasks.

Copy C:\ProgramData\Sync\*.STF C:\SafePlace
Copy C:\ProgramData\Sync\*.SDB C:\SafePlace

Download Batchsync V12

Download is available here:


Subscribe Batchsync V12

Create and schedule unlimited number of tasks, with 12-parallel streams for extremely fast file transfers.

You can place order for annual Batchsync V12 subscription here:

Subscribe V12 Annually

After you complete the order, you'll receive the V12 PLAN unlock key via email immediately after purchase is completed.

Install and start Batchsync V12

Start Batchsync V12, and click Enter unlock key button on startup screen. This opens window where you can enter the unlock key you received.

Enter unlock key and click OK, and your subscription is started with V12 PLAN. You now got unlimited version of Batchsync V12 running.

Software starts and shows all your current tasks you created with earlier version of Batchsync. They are automatically upgraded for use with new version.

Note: If you have changed the default folder for tasks C:\Programdata\Sync in old Batchsync install, you need to copy your tasks (*.STF and *.SDB files) to C:\Programdata\Sync to make them visible in Batchsync V12. It is possible to change default task folder to point to the other folder. If you need that, please contact support for more information.

About scheduled tasks

With earlier versions Batchsync scheduling was done manually using Windows Task Scheduler. These scheduled tasks continue work with V12 as is, but to get full benefit from the new integrated scheduling features, you probably want to go to Task Scheduler and disable those tasks.

Scheduling a task in V12 is simple: click Edit Task > Schedule-tab > and select schedule you want for the task (see screen shot below). Repeat this for all tasks you want to schedule.

After this you'll see tasks current schedule settings, previous run time, next run time and current status on the main window (see screen shot below).

You are done

Batchsync V12 upgrade is now ready, with all your existing task running.