Schedule, audit trail, and notifications

Run scheduled

Automate file transfers and workflows with integrated scheduler. You can run tasks at regular intervals or at set time:

  • Run every minute
  • Run every 15 minutes
  • Run every hour
  • Run every night at 2:00am
  • Run Mon-Fri at 8:00am
  • Run weekly on Sun, at 22:00pm
  • Run monthly, 1st and 15th of the month, at 20:00pm
  • Run monthly, on last Sunday of the month, at 4:00am
  • Run at user log on/log off
  • Run on computer idle time
  • Run on workstation lock/unlock
  • Run on an event (Windows Event Log monitoring)

Run unattended

Scheduled tasks are run in the background by a Windows service, so they are run even when nobody is logged on to the computer.

Real-time monitoring

Monitor currently running background tasks in real-time with Batchsync Console.

Windows event log

BatchSync writes all task run results to the Windows Event Log with success / error statuses. You can utilize this feature to integrate BatchSync with external log monitoring/alert systems.

Audit trail

Every scheduled file transfer is recorded. Every scheduled workflow is recorded. Go back in time, to see what exactly happened last night with your file transfers, or other workflows.

Email notifications

Each task can be set up to send notification emails on successful and/or failed task runs. You can optionally include a list of the files transferred. Emails are sent using the standard SMTP server protocol, with support to secure connection protocols SSL and STARTTLS.

Multiple recipients

You can specify multiple recipients for email notifications.

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Automate multi-step processes

Automate file transfer related multi-step processes with Batches. Batches allow you to group and run multiple file transfer tasks as a single unit, and pre/post-process files before/after transfer.

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Managed file transfer

Automate file transfers over Internet, using SFTP, FTP/S, and FTP protocols. You can also automate file transfers between local and network share folders.

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